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Modafinil is one of the smart drugs that has been created to help those with sleep, attention, and cognitive disorders. It is a non-amphetamine stimulant that helps modulate neurochemical levels in your brain for various conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. This drug can be taken orally or via injection for those who need more extreme treatments.

What is Modafinil?

To begin, let’s start at the beginning. Provigil (brand name Modafinil) is a eugeroic or a “wakefulness promoting agent,” that is classified as a prescription drug. It has recently grown in popularity as a nootropic (we’ll delve into this later).

Modafinil is a prescription stimulant that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1998. It was created to treat sleepiness caused by illnesses such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea.

As a result, it is illegal to sell or distribute Provigil in the United States. It is a Schedule IV controlled substance under federal law. For approved medical reasons, Provigil should be ingested orally as a pill (100 or 200 mg).

Moda, on the other hand, has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for its non-medical applications. It is now widely used as a nootropic to improve cognitive function. It has grown more popular in the last five years, especially among individuals looking for a solution to low energy, poor concentration, and lack of attention.

The safety of Modafinil has not been well-studied, and it is not fully understood what interactions it might have with other medications. However, experts are concerned about the drug’s growing popularity among teens. There have recently been several reports of Modafinil abuse in the United States. This has prompted researchers, doctors, and addiction specialists to examine this medicine again.

Moda may also be harmful, according to a few studies. Moda may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 75%. It has also been linked with over 10,000 adverse events in the U.S. thus far. Furthermore, recent research has suggested that Moda is not as safe as previously thought. Many people believe that this medication aids in the treatment of cocaine and methamphetamine addiction as well. Later in this essay, we’ll look at all of this in further detail.

What are Nootropics?

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Before we talk more about Moda more specifically, let’s talk about nootropics in general. Unless you have been swept away by the smart drug movement, you may have never heard this word. 

The term “nootropics” is made up of two Greek words: nous (or “mind”) and trepein (which means “to bend”). So, you might say that nootropic chemicals are “brain benders.” Today, the terms “nootropics” and “smart drugs” are used interchangeably.

In a nutshell, nootropics are supposed to enhance your brainpower. Many of them exist as natural substances. Others are manufactured in a lab using biological methods. Some are lawful and can be found at your local health food store. Others are only available by prescription, while others are illegal.

What are the benefits of nootropics?

The following are only a few of the ways that nootropic supplements are said to benefit the user (including Provigil):

  • Increase a user’s ability to obtain information through the process of learning
  • Help to improve memory
  • Facilitate the transmission of information across neural networks
  • Interrupt disruptive mental conditions (like depression and anxiety)
  • Increase the brain’s resistance to physical injury
  • Promote higher executive brain functioning
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There are no negative effects. Nootropics are used by people for a variety of reasons, including these. We can’t blame them for wanting to improve their brainpower. Who doesn’t want to have an edge by enhancing their cognitive firepower? However, the fact is that there is little evidence suggesting that smart pills allow people to do better at work. This is especially true for natural medicines.

Nootropics history

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Nootropics are frequently found in nature. For hundreds of years, various civilizations throughout the world have utilized them. Caffeine, cocaine, and nicotine are three examples of nootropics.

However, in 1964, Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr. Cornelius E. Giurgea invented the world’s first artificial nootropic while treating motion sickness. It was a drug called “Piracetam,” which was originally developed to cure motion sickness.

Piracetam, according to Giurgea, has been shown in studies to improve mental function, memory, and information processing. He utilized Piracetam as a case study to establish the criteria for what makes something nootropic – or mind-bending – after his discovery. Surprisingly, Piracetam is now often given to individuals over the age of 65 in order to slow down dementia progression.

A “true” nootropic, according to Giurgea, improves brain function and provides some level of mental protection. This implies that a cognitive enhancer should not harm the brain while improving cognition (side effects or addiction danger).

Does Modafinil help decision fatigue?

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We all know how exhausting it is to have to make one decision after another. The phrase “Decision Fatigue” refers to our ability to make decisions deteriorate as a result of previous ones. In cases that are heard late in the day, judges are less likely to grant parole. Consumers are more inclined to acquire something they don’t need on a long day out shopping. When our mental energy begins to fade, we become more inclined to act hastily or impulsively. Or perhaps nothing at all happens.

Modafinil has been found to improve attention and learning for more complex thinking processes rather than basic operations in a total of 24 studies evaluating its use in healthy, non-sleep-deprived people. Although it made no difference to working memory or perspective taking, it did improve decision-making and planning. In a few studies, Modafinil had a negative impact on creativity, although the majority of adverse effects were minor and included sleeplessness, nausea, and pain.

Although Modafinil can help you stay focused and make decisions up until the early hours of the morning, there is no assurance that these will always be the best options. Keep in mind that little research has been conducted on the long-term effects of Modafinil usage.

Modafinil as a performance enhancing drug

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Modafinil and its analog arModafinil are banned in competition by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) unless an athlete has been diagnosed with narcolepsy and received a medicinal use exemption (TUE) prior to competing. Despite the fact that WADA considers Modafinil “associated with stimulants,” it remained in a grey area until it was added to the prohibited list in 2004.

Numerous athletes have benefited from Modafinil to enhance their attention, focus, and recovery time. In 2003, American Kelli White won both the 100m and 200m at the World Track and Field Championships – a rare sprint double success. Her triumph, however, was only short-lived; she tested positive for Modafinil shortly after. Ms. White’s titles as a result of her performance were subsequently revoked due to U.S.A Track and Field’s rejection of her “I have narcolepsy” tale.

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Is Modafinil for you?

Modafinil does improve alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived, but it is unlikely to make you smarter. Consider carefully before using it for any unapproved purpose, such as a study aid or to help you meet that deadline, especially if it hasn’t been prescribed by a doctor.

Despite the fact that Modafinil has fewer negative effects than other stimulants, it still has a danger of dependence. Rather of depending on a pill to help you get through the day, make some changes in your life to obtain enough sleep and be able to think clearly at work. If job demands are getting to you, discuss this with your employer. Modafinil may assist you in meeting that deadline but at the risk of your general health. Is any job worth jeopardizing one’s overall health over?

Legal status

Modafinil is a Schedule IV drug in the United States, which means it can only be imported by a DEA-licensed importer with a prescription. Modafinil is banned outside of the United States and other countries that have made similar illicit drug control measures. Effective January 27, 1999, the Clinton administration implemented regulations based on a recommendation from the Office of Assistant Secretary for Health.

Modafinil, on the other hand, is legal for importation into the United States by a person with a prescription and it is correctly declared at the border crossing. Residents of the United States are limited to 50 dosage units (e.g., pills).

Under the US Pure Food and Drug Act, drug firms are not permitted to promote their products for off-label uses (conditions other than those specifically authorized by the FDA); in 2002, Cephalon was fined $425 million by the FDA because of misleading promotional materials. In 2008, Cephalon pleaded guilty to a felony charge and paid fines totaling $50 million and $425 million to the United States government.

Side effects comparatively mild

schedule ii controlled substance

Modafinil has a low rate of adverse effects, with headache being the most common among them (11% of users report nausea). Other side effects including rhinitis, anxiety and agitation, back pain, sleeplessness, and gastrointestinal problems (such as diarrhea, indigestion) were reported by less than 10% of clinical trial participants.

The chemical form of Modafinil, which is known as desmethylmetopim, has been linked to a reduced ability of hormonal contraceptives to function properly.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (DRESS) are two rare but potentially fatal reactions to Modafinil. Most of the time, it’s an allergy that causes problems. If you experience any indications of a rash or other allergic-type symptoms (such as facial swelling, difficulty breathing), go to the emergency room immediately.

Although Modafinil has been on the market for over 20 years, scientists are uncertain how long-term use affects the brain. Some researchers are concerned about chronic sleep deprivation, future sleep capability, increased antisocial behavior and emotions Suppression ), as well as difficulties coming off the drug.

The rise of smart drugs in the US

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According to a paper published in the International Journal of Drug Policy in June 2018, usage of smart drugs is on the rise in the United States. The Global Drug Survey’s annual anonymous online questionnaire about drug use around the world was revealed in an article published in the International Journal of Drug Policy.

According to the data, the United States has the world’s highest usage of pharmacological cognitive enhancements (PCEs). Around 30 percent of those interviewed in 2017 said they had used drugs for PCE at least once in the previous year, compared to 20% in 2015.

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According to the study, 48 percent of respondents got prescription smart drugs from their friends. About 10% purchased them from a dealer or an online distribution firm. Six percent obtained them from a family member, and approximately four percent said they had a prescription for themselves.

Provigil and college students

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Taking a full course load at a college or university is no easy feat, to say the least. There are classes to attend, difficult papers to write, and rigorous exams to take. Many college students turn to this drug as a method to perform under pressure and meet their academic goals.

The “study buddy” Adderall (also known as the “study buddy”) is much more popular among college students than Modafinil. However, Moda usage has increased in recent years among college students. There will always be a supply when there is a demand. As a result, the number of prescriptions dispensed for this medication has risen.

Drugs have been readily available on college campuses throughout the United States for as long as anyone can remember. However, a majority of college students in the past preferred to use alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs like cannabis, cocaine, and crystal meth to party.

The newest upswing in accessible smart drugs like Modafinil on college campuses is at the very least intriguing. It appears that many students are looking for substances that will enable them to learn more efficiently. This is a significant change from the past when students only wanted to get high.

How does Modafinil make you feel?

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This smart pill typically lasts 10-12 hours and begins to take effect one hour after ingestion. Users of this cognitive enhancer state that it makes them feel alert, awake, and focused.

Those that take it to claim that it increases their productivity by a large amount. It is said to improve concentration and help people be more productive, according to those who swear by the pill. According to users, it also boosts memory, enhances cognitive functioning, and improves mental clarity.

Moda, on the other hand, is not a cure-all. However, it’s crucial to note that – like any medicine – Moda has various effects on different people. Some claim it gives them an edge and enables them to be more productive and efficient. Others say the drug makes them wired up and causes them to feel a horrible, extremely quick sensation. Others claim they felt nothing when they took Provigil.


Is Modafinil a smart drug?

No, Modafinil is not a smart drug. It improves alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived but will not make you smarter.

Does Modafinil make you focused?

Modafinil does improve focus in individuals who are sleep-deprived, but it is not a cure-all for everyone.

What drug is similar to Modafinil?

There is no drug that is similar to Modafinil. It is a unique medication that was created to improve alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived.

Is Armodafinil a smart drug?

No, arModafinil is not a smart drug. It is the active form of Modafinil and has been created to improve alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived.

Does Modafinil increase IQ?

There is no evidence that Modafinil increases IQ. It only improves alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived.


Modafinil is a drug that has been around for over 20 years and is used to improve alertness in individuals who are sleep-deprived. It is unlikely to make you smarter, and there are risks associated with taking it, such as dependence and adverse effects. However, it may be useful for meeting deadlines at work if discussed with your employer. Modafinil is legal for importation into the United States by a person with a prescription.


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